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50 neat literary clothes and other fashion items

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Best literary bookish clothes and apparel

Take a look at the less obvious, more stylish t-shirts, long sleeves, caps, and other fashion accessories that will let you express the love for books in new ways.

Are you looking for literary clothes you could wear yourself or gift the book lover in your life?

In online stores – such as Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, or Zazzle – you can find lots of book-themed clothes. They are available on dozens of apparel items, not only t-shirts, but also sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, skirts, or caps.

Most of the bookish clothes are highly colorful, attention-catching, and make the full use of available print space. Many are overdone, too fancy, too childish, or too messy.

You won’t find them in this overview. There is no need to be fancy or childish to express you are a bookworm.

Instead, we have dug through hundreds of products to find the ones that are minimal in style and offer a creative or uncommon look at what the love for books and reading is.

Text-only ideas, vintage-style design, desaturated colors, low contrast – it’s the style we love, and we hope you will love, too.

When it comes to literary fashion, it’s time to start the chapter that follows “Just one more chapter.”

Best literary fashion clothes

50 fashionable literary t-shirts, long sleeves, skirts, caps, and more


Well-read woman t-shirt - best literary clothes

“Well Read Woman” soft t-shirt. From Wild Academia comes a comfortable, lightweight t-shirt that features a sleek design with a text: “Never underestimate a well read woman.” It’s available in eight colors, including White, Mauve, and Heather Forest.

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Raised by books Out of Print - best bookish fashion

“Raised by Books” t-shirt. Out of Print literary brand is not only about reprinted book cover art. It offers a wide variety of original book-related designs as well. One of them is “Raised by books,” with an image of a wolf howling in the full moon near a stack of books.

⇢ Amazon


Literature lover sweatshirt - best literary clothing

“Literature Lover” sweatshirt. A retro illustration of a girl reading a book is placed inside an oval shape, with a text “Literature lover.” The artwork is placed on a pre-shrunk, classic fit sweatshirt that’s made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

⇢ Etsy


Mini shirt dress with handwritten literary quotes - literary fashion

Mini shirt dress with handwritten literary quotes. A perfect suit for a book lover who finally decides to go to a party. The dress is cozy and soft to wear – an essential for your summer wardrobe.

⇢ Amazon


Annabel Lee sneakers - bookish apparel

“Annabel Lee” women’s canvas sneakers. A text from Edgar Allan Poe’s last complete poem “Annabel Lee,” combined with doodles and ornaments, is an artwork that looks stunning on canvas sneakers. They are offered in two colors, in either White or Black.

⇢ Etsy


Fight evil read books beanie unisex - best book apparel

“Fight Evil Read Books” beanie. From a leading literary clothing company, Out of Print, comes a pom-pom beanie that says: “Fight evil, read books.” Each purchase of Out of Print helps fund literacy programs to communities in need.

⇢ Amazon


I love my Kindle and print books tshirt - clothes for modern book geeks

“I Love My Kindle” classic t-shirt. Modern book lovers don’t have to choose between ebooks and print books. This lightweight vintage design features the text: “I love my Kindle just as much as I love my print books.” There are also versions for Kobo and Nook owners.

⇢ Redbubble


Life is like a novel tote bag - best literary quote accessories

“Life Is Like a Novel” Tote Bag. The vintage artwork features an original book quote by Piotr Kowalczyk: “Life is like a novel, with you being both its author and main character.” A great gift idea for book lovers, especially the ones who admire vintage book design.

⇢ Amazon


Litterateur dad hat baseball cap - clothes for booknerds

“Litterateur” dad hat. A vintage logo design with a description of the word “litterateur” provided by Merriam-Webster dictionary, together with the phonetic notation. Available on either dad hat or baseball cap, plus over 75 other items.

⇢ Redbubble


Anne Bronte Wildfell longsleeve - top apparel for bookworms

“Wildfell” sweatshirt. Anne Brontë novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is often overshadowed by her sisters’ works. Time to change it. Perfect for snuggling down with a good book, it’ll also keep you warm when you’re reading far too long.

⇢ Etsy


Natural born reader baby bodysuit

“Natural Born Reader” baby bodysuit. If you are looking for an apparel for your child, you should take a look at this wonderful design saying “Bookish – natural born reader.” Just as other items on Zazzle, you can get the artwork on almost 160 styles.

⇢ Zazzle


On my way to the bookshop tote bag - bookish fashion

“On My Way to the Bookshop” tote bag. This vintage design shows the text on a shape of a retro bicycle. Available in dark and light version on almost 80 products, including this lightweight go-everywhere cotton tote bag. There is also a variant saying “On my way to the library.”

⇢ Redbubble


Reading workout regular fit t-shirt - bookish apparel

“Reading Workout” regular fit t-shirt. A great gift idea for avid book readers – a slim typographic t-shirt with a text: “My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt.” The tee is medium soft, side-seamed, and comes in five sizes, from S to 2XL.

⇢ Etsy


Cats and books lover - best book-inspired apparel

“Cats and Books Lover” cap. This desaturated vintage-style design features the text “Authentic cats & books addict | geek | lover,” followed by “established before it was cool.” Make sure to explore Redbubble for other variants: with dogs, coffee, and tea. The artwork is available on almost 80 other products.

⇢ Redbubble


Dracula tote bag - best literary fashion

Dracula tote bag. This attention-catching tote bag features Bram Stoker’s celebrated classic Dracula. On the back, you will see a memorable quote from a book: “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” The bag includes a small inner pocket and closes with a magnetic clasp.

⇢ Etsy


Personalized bookworm socks - best literary fashion

Personalized bookworm socks. These stylish premium socks are designed by Solesmith, and feature a large handwritten text saying “bookworm” running from top to bottom. The text is printed with metallic copper-like ink. Most of all, you can personalize the socks by adding your custom text, for instance, your initials.

⇢ Etsy


Bookworm phonetic notation racerback tank top - top bookish clothes

“Bookworm Phonetic Notation” racerback tank top. A minimalist and uncommon way to say you are a book lover – a Merriam-Webster Dictionary phonetic notation of the word “bookworm.” Several other phonetic transcriptions of book-related words are also available.

⇢ Redbubble


Stay wild Atticus poetry cap - best bookish apparel

“Stay Wild” Atticus poetry cap. If you are a fan of Atticus, an incredibly popular anonymous Canadian poet, you must have a look at the Stay Wild collection of apparel. “Atticus Poetry is making waves and being anonymously remembered for the lines that speak to the heart.”

⇢ Amazon


Persuasion novel scarf - best literary fashion

“Persuasion” infinity scarf. From Storiarts comes a wonderful cream colored scarf that’s made of super soft 100% cotton knit fabric, and is about 63 inches in circumference. The scarf features the text from Persuasion – the last novel completed by Jane Austen.

⇢ Etsy


Overdue books shopping bag - best bookish apparel

Overdue books reusable tote bag. From Joyful Moose Store comes a funny typographic canvas shopping bag with a text: “There’s a chance these books are overdue.” The bag has a reinforced bottom, and measures 14.5 × 15 inches.

⇢ Amazon


Mini skirt with book signatures - best book apparel

Mini skirt with signatures from famous writes. The design from Grande Duc includes signatures and autographs from Shakespeare, Austen, Shelley, Poe, Woolf, Twain, Brontë, and other big names in literature. It’s available in light and dark design on over 90 items.

⇢ Redbubble


Recharge your brain read books laptop sleeve - booknerd fashion

“Recharge Your Brain” laptop sleeve. The minimalist idea puts books inside the battery icon to show that – just like your smartphone or laptop – the brain needs to be recharged. The text says: “Recharge your brain – read books every day.”

⇢ Redbubble


Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe t-shirt - best dark academia clothes for bookworms

“Nevermore” Edgar Allan Poe t-shirt. An idea for fans of dark academia aesthetic. The artwork features a raven and a skull, with a text “nevermore” from Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven.” The t-shirt is made of a soft blend of polyester and cotton, and looks especially good on a black tee.

⇢ Etsy


BKLVR booklover relaxed tshirt - best book-inspired apparel

“BKLVR Booklover” relaxed fit t-shirt. Available in 7 colors, this minimalist vintage design shows the abbreviation “bklvr” which stands for “booklover.” Three other bookish abbreviations are also available: “bknrd,” “bkwrm,” and “bkrdr.”

⇢ Redbubble


Romeow and Juliet tote bag - best bookish fashion

“Romeow and Juliet” tote bag. From Hello Gift Smith comes a 100% organic cotton canvas tote bag featuring a clever artwork looking like a title page of a 16th-century book. The title says “Romeow and Juliet.” A perfect gift for a cat & book lover in your life. Pride & Purrjudice tote bag is also available.

⇢ Etsy


Book reviews praise zipper hoodie - best bookish apparel

Zip-up hoodie with book reviews. This clever unisex hoodie shows text passages that look like book reviews. The best thing is that they can actually describe you. “Blew everybody’s minds,” “Staggeringly good fun,” or “Dazzling.”

⇢ Etsy


Unspeakably competent librarian face mask - best bookish apparel

“Unspeakably Competent Librarian” face mask. A vintage design showing a phonetic notation of the word “librarian” is particularly clever on a face mask – especially that the full text goes: “Unspeakably competent librarian.” Other bookish words are also visualized in the same manner on almost 80 other products.

⇢ Redbubble


Read Darcy Watching jersey tshirt - bookish fashion

Clever “Pride and Prejudice” fine jersey t-shirt. On Zazzle you can find a clever, minimalist, lettering artwork that says: “Read as if Darcy is watching.” Available on almost 160 styles and products.

⇢ Zazzle


Book cover skirt - fashion for booknerds

Book cover skirt. Here comes a wonderful example of bookish apparel – a skirt with an artwork made of iconic covers of classic novels. Its soft fabric paired with its flared cut. “The flattering silhouette looks great on any body type.”

⇢ Etsy


CoC HP Lovecraft 1928 premium tshirt - literary fashion

CoC HP Lovecraft 1928 premium t-shirt. Lovers of H.P. Lovecraft will quickly decode this abbreviation. “The Call of Cthulhu,” Lovecraft’s famous short story, is often abbreviated as CoC. It was first published in 1928. A few other literature-inspired abbreviations are also available.

⇢ Redbubble


Library word cloud sweatshirt - bookish apparel

Librarian word cloud sweatshirt. Here is another example of an apparel with an artwork printed on the back. It features a word cloud around the word “library” – a perfect gift for a librarian or library supported in your life.

⇢ Etsy


Escape read books zipper pouch - best book apparel

“Escape” zipper pouch. Books are a way to escape daily life problems, and you can express it by slightly changing the way the letter “e” looks. This minimalist bookish typographic artwork is available in light and dark version on over 70 products.

⇢ Redbubble


Take me to your readers t-shirt - literary clothes

“Take Me to Your Readers” t-shirt. A funny literature t-shirt with a UFO ship over the mountains and a text “Take me to your readers.” Printed to order in the USA, and available on over ten clothing styles, including v-neck, tank top, and long sleeve.

⇢ Amazon


Most ardently quote Jane Austen hoodie - best bookish apparel

Jane Austen “Most Ardently” quote hoodie. If you are looking for bookish clothes with minimal artwork, the Jane Austen quote should meet your needs. In Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy says: “I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand.”

⇢ Etsy


Book pile a-line dress - best fashion for bookworms

Book Pile” a-line dress. This fashionable, minimal, black and white design shows an abstract book pattern. Available also on leggings, tote bags, sleeveless tops, and dozens of other clothes.

⇢ Redbubble


Read more aim higher pullover hoodie - best apparel for booknerds

“Read More, Aim Higher” pullover hoodie. A design from Piotr Kowalczyk shows the text looking like books on a shelf – and you have to read from bottom to top to get the point. You can place the design either on the back or the front of the hoodie. Plus, there are over 70 other products to choose from.

⇢ Redbubble


Jungle Book official Disney tshirt - bookish fashion

Jungle Book official Disney t-shirt. On oversized t-shirt with a Jungle Book image. It’s the officially licensed Disney merchandise with all authorized licensor branding, packaging and labelling.

⇢ Amazon


Go away I am reading socks - best apparel for booknerds

“I Am Reading” socks. Made from high-quality super-soft cotton blend and delivered in eco-friendly packaging, these socks feature an iconic text “go away, I am reading” that’s split between both socks. The print will last hundreds of washes and will never peel or fade.

⇢ Etsy


Frankenstein quote sweatshirt - best apparel for bookworms

Frankenstein quote hoodie. This oversized sweatshirt features a quote from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Well over ten colors are available, including Maroon, Heather Deep Teal, and Sports Gray.

⇢ Etsy


Protantagonist - protagonist and antagonist in one baseball t-shirt - best bookish clothes

Protantagonist baseball 3/4 sleeve t-shirt. Protantagonist (protagonist and antagonist in one) – someone who will make your life as exciting as a page-turning novel. The design is available on a vintage athletic baseball t-shirt with contrast sleeves and collar, and over 70 other products.

⇢ Redbubble


Bracelets with classic literary quotes - bookish apparel

Bracelets with classic literary quotes. Take a look at the set of four rubber bracelets that feature inspirational quotes by William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Mark Twain. A standard size of 8 inches fits most men, women, and teen wrist sizes.

⇢ Amazon


Pride and Prejudice text socks - fashion for bookworms

“Pride and Prejudice” text socks. Socks and tights that use a text from classic novels are always in fashion. This time, we are delighted to share white under knee socks created by Natalia Cohen of Coline Design. Opaque tights with the same text are also available.

⇢ Etsy


Got books mens t-shirt - best literary apparel

“Got Books?” men’s t-shirt. A funny reference to an iconic “Got milk” ad campaign. The t-shirt is available on almost 99 products, including dozens of clothes.

⇢ Zazzle


Dorian Gray reading and writing gloves - top bookish apparel

Dorian Gray reading and writing gloves. Handmade from American 100% cotton knit fabric, these beautiful gloves will keep your palms warm, no matter whether you are reading or writing a novel. “Let everyone know about your great taste in books by adorning your wrists in the words of The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

⇢ Etsy


Bibliophile heart fitted scoop tshirt - best bookish apparel

Bibliophile Heart” fitted scoop t-shirt. This vintage-style design shows a white ribbon with a text “bibliophile” placed in front of the heart shape made of stacked red books. “The bookish heart always has room for one more story.”

⇢ Redbubble


Jess Jane Womens Poetry - best literary fashion

Women’s Poetry tunic top. From Jess & Jane comes a washed cotton high low tunic top that stylishly combines a handwritten poem with a gentle watercolor flower image.

⇢ Amazon


Book Lovers Day every day active tshirt - best clothes for bookworms

“Book Lovers Day” active t-shirt. You can celebrate the love for books 365 days a year, not only during World Book Day, Read a Book Day, Book Lovers Day, Buy a Book Day, or Read in a Bathtub Day. This decent artwork is available on active t-shirts and 80 other products.

⇢ Redbubble


Books and tea happy me t-shirt - best book apparel

“Books & Tea” unisex t-shirt. The tee from Willow and Quill features a minimal, cozy text “Books & Tea, Happy Me.” The t-shirt is made from pre-shrunk fabric, and is suited for a range of body types. There are a dozen available colors, including Heather Prism Dusty and Soft Cream.

⇢ Etsy


Read books sea art t-shirt - best bookish fashion

“Read Books” t-shirt. From the Amazon Essentials Store comes a highly popular classic fit short-sleeve crewneck t-shirt with a text: “Read books, see art, listen to music.” It’s a part of a 2-pack that also includes an all-white t-shirt.

⇢ Amazon


I see a book and good day tshirt - booknerd clothing

“I See a Book” essential t-shirt. The artwork is inspired by 17th and 18th century book title pages, using a classic Baskerville serif typeface. It features an original quote by Piotr Kowalczyk: “I see a book, I see a coffee, I see a good day ahead.”

⇢ Redbubble

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