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Quotes for library walls, inspired by retro book design

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Vintage quotes about libraries and librarians

These attention-catching quotes about libraries and librarians are best suited for school and public library walls.

Libraries matter more than ever before. And more than ever before, they deserve to be promoted.

Today, libraries are way more than just a place with free books. They are thriving community halls, cultural centers, and instant knowledge hubs. Librarians help local communities grow, adjust to the changing world, and survive hard times.

Library services are being constantly extended to new areas: from free access to the latest technology, to user-friendly workspaces, to digital literacy courses, to online book club groups.

We compiled a list of the best quotes about libraries and librarians before (by the way, it’s one of our most popular lists of all time). However, when it comes to promoting reading, books, and libraries, there is no such thing as “enough.”

Library quotes you will see below is a tribute to the classic book cover design, and the beginning of a new series of quotes for modern book lovers.

You are welcome to share the quotes with your friends and followers – not only during Library Lover’s Month or Library Card Sign-up Month.

If you’d like to get the quotes in a higher resolution, on a poster, magnet, or mug, I have made them available in popular online merch stores: Redbubble, Zazzle, and Society6.

Do you have a few minutes more? I’m delighted to present our monthly literary calendars. They include not only the most important dates and events, but also a reading challenge for each week, a fun fact, and a bookish quote.

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Vintage-style quotes for library walls


Library quote by Stephen Fry

An original idea. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.

– Stephen Fry


Library quote by Marc Brown

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

– Marc Brown


Library quote by Virginia Woolf

I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.

– Virginia Woolf


Library quote by Eleanor Brown

There is no problem that a library card can’t solve.

– Eleanor Brown


Library quote by John Lubbock

We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.

– John Lubbock


Library quote by Piotr Kowalczyk

Bookshops and libraries are a backstage of success.

– Piotr Kowalczyk


Library quote by Walter Savage Landor

Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.

– Walter Savage Landor


Library quote by Patrick Ness

Librarians are tour-guides for all of knowledge.

– Patrick Ness


Library quote by Neil Gaiman

Rule number one: Don’t shhh with librarians.

– Neil Gaiman (as heard in a library)

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