Buy Kindle Scribe now to get a $25 credit for your next Kindle ebooks

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Amazon Kindle Scribe e-note taking e-reader / Image: Amazon

You can save $65 in total, if you decide to get a version with a free 4-month Kindle Unlimited plan.

What are your New Year Resolutions? To read more, learn faster, write better? It looks like Kindle Scribe is destined for you. The only problem is that it costs $340, and you can’t expect a price cut any time soon.

Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s most innovative device in years. It’s designed for both reading and writing. 

The device sports the 10.2-inch glare-free 300 ppi touchscreen display with front and warm light, asymmetric Oasis-style glass front, and a USB-C port.

Most importantly, the Scribe supports handwriting. You can choose from two compatible pens – Basic or Premium – that come free with a chosen variant. It also comes with several templates for handwritten notes.

The first, a rather symbolic, price cut may come in March 2023, for the National Reading Month. However, I believe to see any reasonable Kindle Scribe deal on Prime Day 2023, the soonest.

If getting the Scribe would boost your New Year resolutions, especially when it comes to reading more books, you can take advantage of a new limited-time promotion that has just been revealed.

Add Kindle Scribe to cart, and use the code READWRITE25 at checkout to get a $25 credit that you can use to get ebooks from the Kindle Store. You will be able to redeem your code within 45 days from the shipment date.

$25 is roughly an equivalent of two fully priced books, but if you are determined to hunt for Kindle deals, you can get 25 books for $0.99 each.

What’s more, if you pick up a variant with a free 4-month Kindle Unlimited membership, you will save an extra $40 on Kindle books that are included in the Kindle Unlimited catalog.

The promotion ends on January 4, 2023, 5:00 PM Pacific time. It seems like a lot of time, but I use it to find out whether Kindle Scribe is the device that you would love – or hate.

Kindle Scribe with $25 ebook credit and 4 free months of Kindle Unlimited? It sounds like you won’t need to buy any additional Kindle books to meet your Reading 52 Challenge this year.

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